3 Ways To Make 2013 Picture Perfect

Carpe Annum!

Yes, Seize the YEAR – this year!

2013 is your year to

  • Enhance your photographic eye
  • Expand your photographic skills
  • Engage the world around you

I would like you to join me this year as we embrace Carpe Annum Photographically. The beginning of each month, there will be a post here for you to help achieve this goal.  Let’s get started!

Carpe Annum! – January 2013

First things first…making a commitment to yourself to work on your art.  There are three steps to do, which don’t take much time, but will make a world of difference 365 days from now.

  1.  Schedule time on your calendar to TAKE pictures and GO SHOOT for the year
  2.  Schedule time on your calendar to REVIEW your  images after each shoot
  3.  Make a list of things/places/people/themes to shoot

The first one is obvious, you need to make time to take pictures.  The second one is just as important, ok maybe more important – review your pictures. I will share more on this in future posts. The final one will help you achieve number one.  If you have a list of places, things, or ideas of what you like to shoot it will be easier on shoot days.  On those days you grab you camera, look at your list and off you go.

Step one – Done!  Now start shooting!  I would love to hear your thoughts on what you want to take photos of this year in the comments below.